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A BadChristian reader shares his thoughts on our forthcoming book, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR.


I have had the privilege of reading through an early copy of a book titled, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR.  And I do mean “privilege”.  This book was written by Pastor Joey Svendsen and his close friends Matt Carter and Toby Morell, from the rock band “Emery”.  Most importantly, it was written by three hearts that are fully surrendered to God, which is made apparent through their complete humbling of self and the complete praise given to Jesus for what He’s done in their lives.  They discuss certain sin issues that I have never heard mentioned behind a closed door, let alone in a public space.  What I read blew my mind into a thousand pieces, not because of some age-old mystery that has now been unravelled thanks to the authors, but due to the heavy veil of iron that their insights allowed me to remove from over my eyes.  And I cannot wait until you all are able to experience that for yourselves.

“Enough of that crap, tell us about the freaking thing!”

Alright, so here’s the deal, from a random Christian dude who loves God and is excited about what’s happening at BadChristian.  

If my first few sentences weren’t clear enough, I loved the book.  First of all, every page is brimming with honesty.  No attempts were being made to sell me on the idea of becoming a super happy and healthy Christ follower, or to lure me into a weird marketing ploy where I could subscribe to their junk and hopefully send them twenty bucks a month so BadChristian can make me the best Christian I can be!  Each one of the authors digs into the very fabric of their sinful nature – our sinful nature - and as a result, I feel more connected to them and their lives than I do with most folks at my church.

If you are a Christian, you need to read this book.  You need to see the incredible picture that is painted of what a Christian life looks like, according to the Bible.

If you are the most staunch and un-moving non-believer (since Paul), you need to read this book.  You will see every reason you hate bible-thumping Christians exposed, and you will see that every Christian, both those highly praised and publicly sinful, is a lot more like you than you might think.  

The ideas presented here are not flimsy or soft.  This book has challenged me.  It’s been a catalyst for the Holy Spirit to work in me in a different way than I ever thought it could.  It’s challenged my marriage.  I have felt a conviction for my sins, stronger than I’ve ever experienced before as I’ve opened up to my wife and begun to make myself more transparent about my failures.  And It’s challenged my relationship with God.  

It also challenges the church.  A lot.  The church criticised in this book might look an awful lot like your church. It certainly looked like mine.  But the criticisms were exciting.  I never once thought, “Dang, these guys are dicks who really don’t like churches.”  Their enthusiasm and love for the body of Christ was apparent throughout the entire text, and I felt like I was being led side-by-side, never preached at or scolded.  By the end of the book I saw an amazing picture of the church.  It was the church I wanted to attend, not because they served the best coffee or had the best worship team, but because it was a church of people who follow God the way the Bible tells us to.  

The movement BadChristian presents has lifted up a mirror, the mirror of God’s Word, and shown me that I’m not all I crack myself up to be.


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