The Bible Is So Boring



Sometimes I can go a long time with out reading my bible. I’ve gone weeks. I mean, I work for a church and I still sometimes am completely unmotivated and just plain apathetic to reading “The Good Book.” I’ve asked myself a thousand times in my life why can’t I just “be better” and then I follow through for a little while with reading it, only later to sink back into my old habits.

You ever go through this?

I’ve thought a lot lately about this and here are some observations/questions I’ve landed on.  Maybe you can relate:

  1. I’m not really a great reader of anything. I like reading, but I have to get alone to even take in whatever I am reading.
  2. The bible is hard to relate to or understand sometimes. The “eth’s” at the end of the words sometimes is overwhelming…and kinda funny. See The KJV Romans 14
  3. I want to really get something immediately applicable out of my time spent reading, and many times I don’t even remember much of anything I just read.
  4. Some things are hard to digest and explain. The Old Testament is full of murder, rape, and evil; and many times, this is at the hands of the good guys!
  5. So many people post scripture on their social media, I can just check Facebook and feel like I’ve done my “quiet time.”

Any of these scenarios sound familiar? Well I’m here to help!


I can’t give you three steps to help you get on fire for God’s Word. I don’t think anything I’d say would change much of anything. The truth is, the Bible is hard to read and understand, which is the same case for things in our lives sometimes. This kinda makes me appreciate it more because it’s not a black and white rule book. You have to do some work to read this book, and work is hard.  That’s why it’s called work. Coincidentally, anything you love usually doesn’t come easy, and it typically requires a lot of work and time. That means it’s not going to be just a quick weekend read and you’ve got it. The Bible is a dialogue we have from God to us. God shows himself and we get to read about it and respond to Him and to other brothers and sisters that are reading it.

WOW! It’s like the real “never ending story”. We are characters in this story as well! We are now, in THIS life, creating and living in our relationship with Jesus. With Him, we are making history and continuing the story.  Crazy. It almost “choose your own adventure”. Okay I’m losing you.


So, maybe you’ve never heard this advice about bible-reading, but when you find yourself bored or bummed out to have read your bible, I say don’t read it. Stop and pray and ask God:

What is going on with me?

What should I read?

I don’t want to read the Bible God, can you help?

Can you help me understand how and/or why a bear mauled some youths? 2 Kings 2:23-25

Talk to God is what I’m saying. It might still be frustrating, but go to the source and then listen… and maybe you can at least look up one good verse to put on your status update.



What do you think?

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