We wrote a book. It is totally scary, totally ugly, and it is totally true.

bad christian cover_darkerOur first book, BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR, is coming.  
Here are 10 reasons why you should be psyched about that.  We hope you’re ready for a dose of honesty and a shot of truth.  Everything is better in context, so don’t forget to pick up the book to get the whole picture.  It’s going to blow your socks off (and expose that one crooked toe of yours.)
1) “No matter how much good fruit we produce there will always be a few rotten pieces as well.  Remember, it’s Jesus who grows the fruit.”
2) “But look different how?  By not sinning?  Since when were Christians not hypocrites?  Since when were we not pathetic?… …Let’s be blunt.  The very definition of hypocrite fits every Christian.” 
3) “Meanwhile Toby, unable to reach either Joey or me, drove around Greenville that night in his Mercury Sable crying and crying, not knowing what he was doing anymore.  Joey was his best friend and now that he was gone the Seattle thing was surely over.  What was he supposed to do now?”
4)“I don’t know how I responded, but I literally wanted to punch the hell out of my best friend.  In my mind, I was thinking something along the lines of, “Oh yeah?  That’s how it’s going to be?  Well, I don’t need you as a friend anymore.”
5) “I spent the next 16 hours in pain, throwing up, and unable to move, but the shame I felt didn’t even really kick in till after the hangover.  A few days later Toby and I were on a living room tour talking about God to believers and non-believers.  A few weeks later on Sunday morning I was on stage at a large church, shoulder-to-shoulder with the pastor, leading the congregation in worship, and I was ashamed.”
6) “How is anyone supposed to get that when all we do is pretend that we have our shit together?  Many Christians would respond to this by saying that before we became Christians, admittedly we were a disaster, but now that we are saved we do in fact live righteous lives.  I disagree, and I believe the Bible disagrees.”
7) “What’s even worse is that all my Christian friends thought I was doing great in my “walk” because I could say I had quit some of my bad habits.  I had the look.  God had changed me, but despite having a new heart, I still had a great deal of nasty mess inside.  1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 tell us that God gives us gifts and even gives us our faith.  My faith was 100% real, but it was clouded by the things that I thought were marks of a “good Christian”.  That is exactly what I wanted—to be, and to be seen as a “good Christian”.”
8) “My most spiritually active and eye-opening moments occurred on tour.  We prayed with each other and asked for God’s will when we didn’t know where we were headed or where our next meal would come from.”
9) “Now, here’s where people get the wrong idea of BadChristian.  They think we’re saying, “Who gives a shit.  We can’t stop, so why would we even try?”  On the contrary, we “try to stop sinning” by drawing closer to Jesus.”
10) “Church attendance is going up, but are our churches simply gaining more people who are consumers, who idolize their pastor, who enjoy being entertained?  And why wouldn’t they do this, if the church gives them permission?  It’s easy.  It doesn’t require too much commitment.”
Read it.  It’s going to hit you where it hurts.  It’s going to be honest, full force, and make you think a little bit harder about what you believe and how you live.
BadChristian presents it’s first book,  BADCHRISTIAN GREATSAVIOR .
bad christian cover_darker

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