You Might Be A Bad Evangelist If…



Picture an Evangelist in your mind.  What are you thinking?

Chances are you’re picturing a red-faced, possibly pudgy dude who’s wiping off his sweat-drenched brow after warning you to either repent or burn for eternity.

Most of us have the wrong idea of what a true evangelist is.  Does the above description sound like the kind of Christian you want to hang with? Exactly.  Hence, not a good evangelist.

Now, let’s look at Jesus who was perfect in all ways, including evangelism. The sinners wanted to hang out with Him!  He was literally the life of the party, in more ways than one.  You remember his first miracle was to keep the bar open, right?  Heck yeah.  Evangelists have a knack for connecting with the world, they’re excited about understanding culture, and they typically aren’t easily offended when someone takes the Lord’s name in vain.  They don’t have time for that.  They are driven by an insatiable desire for people to know Jesus.

I want to make a distinction here.  We all have the responsibility to spread the gospel, but not all people are naturally good at it.  Likewise, we all have a responsibility to teach the gospel (1 Peter 3:15), but many of us aren’t naturally gifted in that way either.

So what about you?  Are you a natural evangelist?  

You probably are not if…

  1. Most people don’t like you.
  2. You can’t reply to an unbeliever with, “Good point.  I don’t really have a good answer.”
  3. You say, “How could you be so dumb?” to people who believe the bible is a fairy tale.
  4. You think Jesus would never go into a bar and hang out with the prostitutes and swindlers. Obviously, He’d have to invite them to the temple for bread and unfermented wine.
  5. You think Billy Graham is irrelevant.  This is just being dumb.  
  6. You spout “christianese” all over your Facebook page.
  7. You size someone up according to their sin, rather than whether or not they’ve been made new (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  8. You make a big stink about Christmas having pagan roots and refuse to join the Yuletide singing. What does “yuletide” mean anyway?
  9. You think Tebow is legitimately one of the best QB’s around. This is being way dumber.  
  10. Someone asks you what it means to be a Christian and you talk for twenty seconds without bringing up JESUS.

If none of these points speak to you then you might be a natural evangelist.  You also might be a liar.  

These questions should be used as a gut-check for all Christians.  Whether you are naturally gifted in evangelism or not, 1-10 each deserves serious consideration in the ways we approach others about Christ.  Especially #9.

What do you think?

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