“I used to be a Christian, but…” (real confessions from Facebook friends)

  In ten years of touring with “Christian bands,” I’d say one of the most common–and surprising–paths I’ve witnessed so many bands take, goes something like this: new band on fire for God, praying before every show, no drinking, no cussing, praying with and meeting fans every night.  And 4 years later?  living with girlfriends, […]

The Good King by Ghost Ship (music recommendation)

  Ghost Ship leads music at Mars Hill Downtown Seattle. Their leader and singer, Cam, is a friend of both Toby and I.  (As you know, Toby was the Worship Director at Mars Hill West Seattle, and I lead music at Mars Hill Ballard.) Their keyboard player, Shay, lives 2 houses down from me and […]

Patton Oswalt vs Sammy Rhodes (@prodigalsam) vs Trolls

In case you missed it, there was quite an interesting eruption on Twitter concerning Patton Oswalt and Sammy Rhodes.  The short version is this: A comedian called another comedian a hack and a joke thief.  Not much of a story.  It happens all the time and most people don’t “keep up” with comedy, they just […]