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Aaron Rodgers’ Grandma and Bad Christians

a-rodChristians have been given Jesus’ righteousness. We don’t have our own.

We have been declared righteous. We aren’t righteous people.

Think of an MVP Super Bowl Quarterback, like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.  (He’s the best quarterback in the league by the way). What if he gave his MVP Super Bowl trophy to his elderly, wheelchair-bound grandma? No offense to Mr. Rodgers’ grandma.  I do not even know if he has one, much less whether she is feeble and in a wheelchair.

So back to the original question; if she accepts her grandson’s trophy, does that trophy make Grandma Rodgers an MVP caliber Quarterback?  The answer to that question is a very simple “no.”

Just like you receiving Jesus’ righteousness as your own does not make you a good person. If you think that you are a “good Christian,” please also explained how you saved yourself and acquired the ability to resist sin. If Jesus rescued you from a spiritual death that you had no power over—one that you were born with—then, you aren’t the hero. You were some one in crisis that was rescued. Oh hail, King Jesus.

There will be many who will misunderstand our approach to the gospel here on unlearning. God has hardened our hearts to this conviction, however, and we can’t shake it.  This is the gospel that Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John spread. This is the gospel that is still setting people free.

We aren’t formerly bad people. We used to be “bad people without the righteousness of Christ.” Now we are bad people who have been given Jesus’ righteousness as our own. We’ve also been given the honor of being called saints.  In fact, God is so gracious, He nicknamed us “the righteousness of God.”  Bad Christian. Great Savior.

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