HELL NO: 19 Questions You May Ask Me About Hell


Let me preface by saying that when it comes to my faith, i have done a lot of doubting, soul-searching, and studying. After all of this studying, I have concluded two things:

1. there has to be a creator. For more thoughts on this, read this old post.  

2.  Jesus is God.  After studying the historicity of Jesus, I have concluded that He is who He said He was. Therefore I believe the words that are in the Bible because Jesus validated them. Won’t go into that here, because it’s not the point of this post.

According to God’s word, it seems as if there is indeed a place of torment called “hell.”  I hope there isn’t.  I hope everyone gets a second chance when they die or at the very least, get annihilated.  It just doesn’t seem that way, according to the Bible in which I believe.  

So here we go.  Here are some questions I reckon that many people have about hell.

1.  ”Do you struggle with the concept of hell?”   Yes.  The concept of hell actually crippled my faith on and off for at least 5 years of my life as a Christian.

2.  ”Do you believe in literal flames?”  No.  I think the “flames” are figurative of God’s judgement.

3.  ”Why would hell be such a bad place then?”  You have no idea how much everyone, including unbelievers, benefit from God’s presence on this earth.  He is still involved, especially through the movement of the church.  None of our minds can comprehend a place where God is no more.

4.  ”Are you glad there is a hell?”  NO.

5.  ”Do you wish every one went to heaven?”  YES.

6.  ”Don’t you think God is pretty cruel for sending people to hell?” I believe the God of the Bible is true, mainly through the historicity of Jesus and by God’s spirit revealing Himself to me.  Thus, if Jesus is Lord,  it doesn’t matter what I think.  But, no I don’t believe He is cruel.

7.  ”Why doesn’t He do something to keep people from going there?”  Well, He died in our place so they wouldn’t.  I’d say that is “doing something.”

8.  ”But, many people do not believe.  Why doesn’t God just make it more obvious that He is God?”  Was Jesus rising from the dead not clear enough?  Those people back then refused to believe.  People don’t believe because they refuse to, not because they can’t.

9.  ”How can God be loving to send people to hell?”  People chose to be their own God.  He doesn’t force them to serve Him and He grants them the right to be their own God throughout all eternity.

10.  ”What about people who have never heard about Jesus?”  God knows every thought of every person.  I think He can discern some one’s heart.  You also really think that the God who made all things can’t reveal Himself to His own creation?  That’s weird.

11.  ”What about little babies?”  I don’t believe they go to hell.  They get special treatment.  Read how God deals with children differently in Deuteronomy 1:37-40.  No reason to believe it’s different for the destiny of one’s soul.

12.  ”How can you serve a God that abandons the people He supposedly loves?”  Don’t forget He died for those He loved.  Also, I do not worship God based on what He does.  I worship Him because I believe He’s God.  He also tells me that I won’t understand why He does what He does because His thoughts are way more advanced.  I think when we get to heaven, we’ll see just how gracious God is, and things will make way more sense than they do now.  

13.  ”That’s good enough for you?”  YES.

14.  ”Why can’t God just erase every one’s sin?”  The very nature of God’s holiness requires a sacrifice.  He can only “erase” the sins of those who put their faith in Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice.  Jesus is a gift that has to be received.  You don’t ask why it has to be 32 degrees for it to snow.  That’s a law of nature.  Why can’t we wrap our minds around a spiritual law?  The fact that one simply cannot be in God’s presence without the perfect sacrifice?

15.  ”That’s crazy that you believe this shit.”   I don’t see why it’s any crazier than not believing any of it.

16.  ”You Christians must view unbelievers that are on the way to hell as worthless scum.” We actually see you as something valuable enough for Christ to die for.

17.  ”I just can’t believe in a God that would send people to hell, and I can’t understand how you could.”  Make sure you don’t use your finite mind to tell an infinite God (if He exists) how He should do things.  More on this thought in this former post “Proud to be God-Free.”

18.  ”I guess we’ll see who’s right when we die, right?”  I think you should probably spend the rest of your life making sure that you are right, and searching with an open mind.

19.  ”Even if you are right, can you not see why I would never worship a God like that?”  Well, now do you see why you can’t be in heaven, then?  You won’t worship GOD.  There’s only one alternative place to spend forever.  God made us immortal and He created two places:  one that He inhabits (for those that want Him as a Father) and one that He does not inhabit (for those that do not want Him as a Father).

for a video discussion of this topic, click here.  


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